Friday, 30 May 2014

Nanny sheila

An unexpected page today, scrap lifted from a page that i originally wasn't too keen on.
You might think me mad for attempting it in the first place due to these circumstances but Carole was able to join me today and this is one that she fancied so i went with it, I was pleasantly surprised.

See the original Pinterest pin here

* I started this page by finding the frame first, then found a suitable photo to fit within.

* Everything else fell into place around it. I used the chipboard telephone as an embellishment to symbolise how they talk to Nanny sheila by telephone as she lives about an hour away from us.

* I loved the idea of the date as the title of the page so i did the same. I did add the month tho as it didn't feel right without it.

* The close up of the journalling..... more journalling will fill the pocket once Nanny sheila comes down as I want her to write something for the girls that will live in this page for them as a record for when they get older.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Get others peoples input,... its always good to see things from someone else's perspective. even if they only write a few sentences on how they were feeling at the time, its a look into their heads... in this case it will show the girls what Nanny Sheila really thinks rather than just me telling them so.

* the large pocket was my second choice of times to use.. and the filler inside the pocket was the last. I've left it blank for Nanny shells journalling

* I love the bright pink with the otherwise muted colours, i just feel it works so well. Especially as i know the personalities of my girls!!!

Thanks for coming back today, Im away with the family for a couple of days now so won't post again until Monday... hope thats ok?!?! have a great weekend.... see you soon xxxxx