Friday, 23 May 2014

Play park

I used 3 photos today to make this page about Lola and her friends at the park:

I started with a sketch by Elle's studio, find that here... I was dawn to it on the Bloglovin app, its my new favourite place for inspiration so if you haven't given it a go and added all of your favourite blogs (including mine) then go give it a go :)

* I started initially with a grey mono mix of colours... it looked fine but didn't suit the photos. Instead I changed some up for the blue patterned background and added the green peacock mat.

* There is no mat on the sketch but as I was using the diagonal papers I thought the pittas might need a little bit of help to lift away from the page.

* After I had added my photos it needed a little bit of embellishing to make it look nice. I decided to give my page a couple of title spots and this was a little third section where the alphabet stickers could make an appearance. 

* Here is the first title. I have 2 journalling sections and felt they both needed some kind of introduction. 

* This is the second. 

* This is my embellishment cluster to fill in a large gap that appeared between my single photo and the journalling block. 

* I love this camera die cut and used the rest of my blue puffy heart stickers along with some word stickers to top it off.

* This isn't my best page ever, I'm not feeling my best today but Ive managed to do a page using photos that I didn't think I would any time soon.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Using someone else's photos is always hard as you weren't there so you never really know that real story. If you add your own story and journalling to the page that is what makes it interesting and relevant to that set of pictures. 

Thanks for joining me today, if you get a second you really should check out Bloglovin!