Saturday 5 July 2014

Adventure time

Good morning!!!

Just a quicky from me this morning, i want to share with you a layout that i started on Thursday and have just finished off with a little sewing this morning.

* So i'll start by showing you this small cluster of information in the corner of the photo. This is plain and simple and tells you everything without too much detail.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: sometimes the simplest of things say everything.
* Journalling is excellent, I will always promote expressions of feelings and giving knowledge, but as well as that, if your reader doesn't have the time to spend reading all of the writing, they can skim over and get a good idea of things from little prompts like these word embellishments.

* there wasn't a big story to go with this photo so just a small amount of journalling to say who, what, where, when, why and how :)

* As you can see I used an ink dauber to smoosh behind the photo to add some mess and extra accent to the layout. I like to create mess on a page as long as its not too messy. these daubers are a great way to control where you are making the mess.

* I stamped an extra sentiment on top in an attempt to balance the page.

* An extra title block.... this actually went on AFTER the 'going places' piece in the earlier photo.

* I felt as if I had started the design of the page too low down the paper so needed something to pull it all back up and to make myself feel better. This extra title works well and adds extra interest as well as serving the purpose for which it was created.

* The layout when I had finally finished with it.

* it really does have stitching on 3 sides, again to try and stop the details from sinking off the bottom of the layout. and I'm sorry that the bad photo doesn't show it too well.

* I think its obvious that i had fun playing with my stamps today, I often forget, when making layouts, that i have other colour inks than black.... Im a Stampin Up demonstrator so you'd think I'd remember but i don't.
So here I snuck in an extra couple of colours to lift it a little, I didn't want this being an unhappy page, we were all having a great day!

I hope you like this layout... I actually do quite like it, and the drawn banner piece the most i think as its something new to me.

I also hope that you get to be creative this weekend, especially as our English summer seems to have disappeared... make the most of the wet weather and make something beautiful today xxx

Thursday 3 July 2014

'Allo 'Allo

Good morning....

So not difficult to guess todays subject based on the title I bet?!?! :)

Crafty Tuesday has changed to crafty thursday this week, so Carole and I chose this pin to work on first...

* So kicking off with the title section, I had to check with Carole to see if i was spelling this right, as obviously Hello, is with an E but when i think of this saying its always an A..... guess it can be either and is left open to debate!!

* I exchanged the too feminine doily for a circular sticker , its not as big but it does add a little to the page to balance things out.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: ink the edges..... when things just look a little too plain, ink up the edges for a completely new look. It doesn't have to be messy or too grungy but it does lift the layers and separate them from each other.

* The journalling section. This time I've added strips to the side of the photo to tell my story.

* I could have attempted to journal straight onto the vellum but with the finish that this product has it will more than likely have rubbed straight off.... something to be careful of when you try it.

* The bottom cluster..... Again I switched to a different round sticker to replace the doily.

* I debated for ages about adding the june 2014 embellishment to it.... Eventually I did choose to add it in as its not too often that I get to use the date stickers. I'm never usually scrapping things that are completely current so to be able to get that out of my collection and onto a page was great.

* I loved being able to use my SU stamp sets on this page... I used the same ink twice again to get a faded look.

* Please excuse the sun shining onto my page during taking the picture.

* I added large tilts to the papers and the stamping as I just wanted it to be a bit more fun. and i didn't want the hassle of making sure everything was perfect.... we are aiming for a 3 page day don't you know!!!!!

See you soon xxxxx

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Come fly away with me

Good Afternoon ladies!!!

Ive got to admit, scrapping today has been difficult...over the past week my mojo has done a runner!!!
Luckily my besets friend has helped me try and overcome my slump by making me craft with her via Skype.... heres what came of that:

It started with this pinterest link which Carole and I both loved...

* Not the first thing that i started with but something that is important to the page.

* As its a layout about being in a hot air balloon, i thought it would be fitting to use the original idea and have a silhouette of the city landscape on here somewhere. I used my new Cricut Explore to cut this one that i found on the internet for free!!!!

* A perfect embellishment to match my photographs, also adds a pop of red to match my other PERFECT embellishment...

* My other perfect embellishment (three for three).... I could not do my first balloon page without adding this beauty!!!

* I made myself a pocket as its important to have journalling to tell the story of the day, I added an extra black tag to mount the 'life is good' statement on as it looked a bit floaty on its own.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: creating pockets is easy especially when you are layering papers.

*Simply add glue, I use double sided tape, to both sides of the bottom piece taking into consideration how big the item is that you want to put into your pocket, you must also remember to tape across the bottom so that things do not fall out.

* This is how it turned out.... I added a gold doily to match the gold shiny spots of the paper, to me it also symbolises the sun that was out that evening.

* I usually use the colours in my photos to choose my papers etc but today i didn't.... I'm not sure if this has worked for me or against me but at least i have scrapped....

Hopefully we will be doing more tomorrow so i might see you again then, ta ta for now xxxx

Tuesday 24 June 2014

The scenic route

Good afternoon!!!

Its crafty Tuesday again :) Carole and I have been working away like little bees this morning and have so far created 2 pages.

They both originated from Shimelles blog again, I do love to try and finish what i start and this time I dragged Carole into it with me.

* The first started with a a few pictures of the same event. I chose this set of travel stickers to embellish the layout, as although we weren't on the road they were moving and we were outdoors.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: make things work for you... I've wanted to use this sticker set for a long time and we don't often go on long car journeys or road trips so I was worried I'd never get the opportunity to use them up.

* As I've said before, if it makes sense to you, then go with it, as our pages are for ourselves!!
I chose stickers that would be relevant in this situation and covered up pieces that didn't quite fit the theme but that I liked and worked colour wise.

* this is the second cluster, I really had fun with this one and added weird and wacky pieces!!

* The journalling.....

* The end result: I loved the diamond squares adding extra movement to the page and although we were working from the sketch, i preferred the added horizontal piece which the first lady had on her layout.

* I didn't add a third cluster t this page, which is odd for me but it just felt like it would be too much so I left it as it was. I also didn't add a proper title as there were already a lot of words on the page within the stickers.

* This is the second page..... a little plain in comparison but I used photos that may not have otherwise been scrapped on their own. by grouping images that aren't too special, it allows you to tell the story with a sequence of bits from the same timeframe without having a stand out shot to back it up.

* What do you think of my makeshift letters???? so bad that it makes it quirky and ok???? yeah i thought so too!!!!

Monday 23 June 2014

spots are hot

Good Afternoon!!

I'm carrying on, making my way through Shimelle Laine's challenge weekend posts, I'm on number three which was another sketch.

* When I chose this particular set of photos I knew the title I would use before I made the page.

* I wanted there HOT to be in pink to match the shoes and I would have loved a navy alpha for the rest but as I didn't have a navy alpha I went with black, it goes with everything :)

* These are the bits I was really looking forward to re-creating when i saw the sketch.... I haven't used my sewing machine in a few weeks and i saw potential in the borders of this layout.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: sketches are there to be interpreted in your own way.... normally I would immediately have assumed that these sections needed to be paper, but i wanted to trey something different and so I sewed the strips, it was only after that i chose to fill a couple with washi tape to bring in some colour.

* the heart is duplicated in 3 places to make a triangle around the set of pictures, they are cream and not white like the paper but in this case I think it works.

* My journalling, which was not in this location in the sketch but it fitted well here for me. Also note the second heart.

* the finished layout.

* I added the third heart above the date, which i forgot to include in the journalling.

* I love this very minimal page as its definitely all about the pictures!!!

Thanks for dropping by, see you soon xxxxxx

Sunday 22 June 2014

the date day rules

Good morning scrappers!!

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend and enjoying the sunshine, I know I am :)

This page continues along Shimelles challenge list, this one is for challenge 2 which was entitled 'your significant other'.

I combined this with a sketch over at creative scrappers, sketch 271... make sure to visit both of these places to get some inspiration from the experts!!

* With such a centralised design I knew from the beginning that I wanted a longer title to stretch across the middle. I did the main part "date day" in larger letters and the surrounding title pieces in a tiny type alpha to stretch it out.

* Can you believe this is the only bit of hand written journalling I've done on this page?!?!!?!

* there wasn't really a massive story behind this picture, other than i took it whilst we were out so I took my layout in a different direction and just added the date and place for future reference.

* I don't often use gems but i think they fit this page and colourings beautifully. layered on top of the stitching they add interest to an otherwise boring line.

* An extra word piece at the bottom of the page, not only does it sum up our date but also the rules!

* More stitching creates a continuing theme through the page and makes it easier flowing.

* Did I cheat a little by using alphabet stickers instead of handwriting the rules?!?!

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: If you have letters use them.... Im not a great one at saving products for best or something special, if something works then I tend to use it no matter how long I've had it or how much I've paid for it.

* I knew I wouldn't be happy with my handwriting scribbled across the whole page and I knew it would be too small to make any impact so this time around I opted for an alphabet to do the talking for me.

Thanks for your time, enjoy the rest of your weekend and i hope to see you again soon xxxx

Saturday 21 June 2014

meet the crazy

Good evening....

Today I HAD to scrap, Shimelle Laine has kicked off a weekend of crafty challenges so obviously i needed to join in.

Heres how the first sketch challenge went:

* Lets start with the title piece, Loud funky colours setting the mood of the page.

* The top banner piece is supposed to be one single piece but I added extra embellishment to it.

* the extra banners are just there to tie in the colours a little more as I didn't want the burst of colour in one spot and this links it nicely without being too much

* I repeated the butterfly on this mini cluster next to the photograph which just brings the two sections together.

* To fill in the corners which were looking a little bare i drew in some doodling lines, the black alone was ok but you couldn't see it as well as I'd like so i put in the white lines and that had an immediate lifting effect.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: when in doubt add a tag!

* The title block was meant to house the journalling but I wanted this piece to be blank so that the whole section wasn't too overpowering over the photo. instead I made the photo mats into a pocket and added a tag for hidden journalling behind.

* this adds more interest to the page as it gives more depth and more to see, and being a tag you can clearly see that it needs to be pulled which is just what you want from hidden journalling that isn't personal.

Thanks for dropping in today, I hope to catch up on more shimelle classes as the weekend passes so watch this space