Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lovely evening

Another page for today.... I've done others but didn't think I'd share them all with you, don't wanna completely bore you all :)

* My starting photo for this page is of Lola, all dressed up with nowhere to go! (sorry for the really bad picture)

* I used lots of layered neon colours to make the photo shine, this was great fun, putting it all on was brilliant, going all out to make it as loud as possible :)

* i had frames from the DIY boutique range which really looked a bit special against the pink, I really like it tho, I made sure the 'lovely evening' journalling card poked out of the frame as I didn't want it to be perfect

* I used my neon mists to splash around on the page, then added chevrons that i found in my scrap bag.

* heres the journalling which is on the left side of the photo, also did it in neon orange!

* * it ended up really nicely. I love how the brightness reflects Lolas personality... she really is a crazy child :)