Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pushy penguin

A second layout for today and one that i really wanted to share with you... its based on this sketch from Studio calico and was chosen by Carole for us to do on crafty tuesday!

* I started this page with photos of Lola ice skating, she was using a push along penguin for support as it was only her second time on the ice.

* I immediately knew that I wanted to add black and white so went for white cardstock background and a black mat for the photos. I also ended up using the leftover black mat as my journalling space.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: invest in a white journalling pen! its not always possible to journal on white or light colours so having a decent white pen in your stash is a must!
I use a medium nibbled white belly roll pen by sakura and its perfect for doodling as well as writing!

* I loved this pink paper, but it wasn't large enough to use as a mat anywhere on the page, so Carole suggested i used it as embellishment instead so thats what i did.

* I LOVED how the title went with the flow of the circle, but I didn't want it to go half the way round so i layered it on top and think it looks fine. the hearts were from the same alphabet sheet and just give it a cute finishing touch.

* As you can see i also outlined every edge in black pen, this was to make it more fun looking and to give more definition to the bold patterns

* I added the date to the strip at the bottom of the page as it looked a bit lonely on its own!

* this is how it ended up... I love it :)

* I used the pink accents as my triangle and added the leftover bringing strip as an anchor for the design.

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow xxxxx