Sunday, 11 May 2014

Painted Lady

Good afternoon!

This afternoon I've been getting a little messy with some help from my good friend Kaz.

Kaz is awesome at art journalling, such a talented lady and so i used one of her deisngs to make this 12x12, she helped me a little too :)

* I started with the circle of paper ripped out of a very old and worn book. I covered this in Gesso and once dried I drew a black line around the inside of the edge.

* I hand drew a heart and painted over it in pink, then added flashes of white to tone.

* at this stage I added torn strips of washi tape, then used paint in a nozzle topped bottle to do a darker outline around it!

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: don't be too scared to give it a go! before you say you can't, give it a go... you may love the result!

* I was so frightened of messing up the heart, but i did it by myself and am quite pleased with the outcome!

* for the background I used pink and orange ink on a tile, then i spritzed with water. I placed the wet tile onto a desk and placed the white paper over the top, then lifted replaced it again and moved around to cover the bits that i wanted.

* I did one colour at a time and then added a few extra splashes via a paintbrush afterwards.

* the simple title finished off the page beautifully.

* please give this a go... its so liberating to just make a mess, and a bonus that it turns out so gorgeous.

* also please visit Kaz on her blog, she really is a superstar!!!