Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Corpse bride

Good afternoon!

hope you've been enjoying the sunshine and managing to craft in this lovely weather?!?!?!

I have managed to get one done today, against all odds, it was made easier by following sketch 393 here at scrapbook

* I started with 2 5x5 square photos of Lola dressed up at halloween. I chose these as the background, although spooky could be lost and would easily trim down to 2.5 inches wide.

* Once I'd chosen the patterned papers to go with it, I wanted something less colourful to fill this leftover gap so I searched my journalling cards where I knew i had halloween ones. this one was perfect so i trimmed it down to fit the gap

* I used the cut off from the journalling card to add interest to the journalling section of the page. then i stitched around the edge keep it all in.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Sewing a border, or drawing one onto the page or onto a specific area of the layout helps to keep things contained. it stops elements from looking like they are floating in mid air.

* I chose a large title, to fit over the designated square for it. I had ran out of S's in the grey alpha that i wanted to use so I chose to cut out the outline and use that. I think it works as with a halloween page it could seem quite ghostly?!?!?

* Then to mimic the orange square I used my sewing machine to add some detail over the orange part of my title, it was my first time doing this so I was chuffed with myself :)

* I finished off with white lines around the whole design and added a few extra where i think it needed to draw attention, for example, the title area and the journalling block.

thanks for joining me today, see you all tomorrow xxxxx