Monday, 12 May 2014

Just like me!

Good afternoon!

Back to reality with a  bump today, so no more masses of posts (for now anyways) back to the usual schedule.

Today I combined my LOAD prompt with an investigation over at CSI blog.

* this is the current case file over at Colour, stories, investigation blog take a look to see how this works :)

* I already knew the design, and which colours I had to use so this part was easy. I chose photos that would go with the colours in the prompt and that also had a story related to todays LOAD....they show Daniel and Lola strolling through Leigh woods together whilst we were out on a family walk.

* Knowing that they would hang, banner style, I shaped them as in the sketch, i then found other pieces to add into the mix.

* To keep the continuity of the banners flowing, I attached a pre made banner to the page, this allowed me to line up where the bits and bobs would naturally hang, it also added extra texture and detail to the layout.

* Next I added this tag not the banner line, as its one thing that needed to feature due to the CSI blog challenge.

* I moved my title spot from the right to the left as my paper naturally had a spot where this would work

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Always use the natural design elements on a patterned paper to your advantage!
If they have little banner features as mine did, these make perfect title spots, or journalling... 
If they have ink spots, use them to make your page work, add more in a contrasting colour to make them a proper feature of your layout instead of just part of the paper. 
and lastly if they don't work, cut off the pieces that don't inspire you and use the parts that do!

* I did as i like to and used 2 different fonts for my title... Because i prefer it that way :)

* my journalling fits in perfectly under the title. you can read it if you like 

* as you can see, apart from the title movement, its pretty similar to the original sketch, I've used the colours specified by the CSI challenge and Ive also filled the other necessaries too. 

I enjoyed trying something a little bit different today, why don't you give it a go too xxxx