Wednesday, 21 May 2014

family fun time

todays LOAD prompt had me thinking, mistakes in our lives.... I couldn't think of anything major that needed documenting, and no photos sprang to mind of a way that I could twist this to work for me... until Carole came along this afternoon and we began our page.

I chose to use a photo of my family, and then it sprung to me that this is not so much a mistake but a regret, that we don't get to spend more time together as a large unit... anyways I struggles real bad with this one but here it is:

* To begin this page I started by stamping the sequin waste stamp onto some white cardstock, then used a border punch to give it a zig zag finish.

* the clocks were my next move. They came on an 8x8 transparency sheet but I didn't want to use it as a sheet as i hate that you can see the clear edges up against any background paper so I cut the clocks out to use them singly.

* the golden 'Heidi Swapp' stars came at the end and are there to balance out the other gold pieces within the layout.

* More clock pieces and more gold... this is more of a sub title than a title but it fits over the clock well, without covering it completey

* the last clock. This had a huge white space beneath it which was making me uncomfortable so i filled the majority of it with this 3x4 journalling card.

* the jar was added because I love them and it works with the other elements.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Colour is enough to make an element usable!
* stars, jars, doilies... none of these things are relevant to the story that I'm telling but they make the design look pretty.

* an empty tag?!?!?..... I have left plenty of room on my layout for journalling so in this instance the tag is purely decorative. Originally it had an odd piece of white plastic looped around but I changed it for an aqua ribbon

* The title in kraft to tie in with the tag.

* the journalling shot for those of you who love to read it. 

* the finished layout.... I'm unsure if i love it but I do love how much of a story i got down.

Id love to hear your views on todays page, I'm not sure how i feel about it at the moment but I'm glad its done.

see you soon xxxxxx