Sunday, 4 May 2014

Forever merry

Good afternoon!!

And what a lovely Sunday its been, hope you've been enjoying your day of rest as much as i have mine????

lets kick off, what is going to be a very long post (sorry about that) with todays page.

* bit odd for me to START with the title, I know... but this was my starting point.

*Todays prompt was christmas and having chosen my photo..and knowing the design that I wanted, a journal card was my first port of call.

* When I had layered my cardstock and sewn around the pieces that I wanted to sew I had to choose some little extras. I chose a couple of frames from the new DIY /boutique collection by Simple Stories and filled this first one with an insert that also came in the pack.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Just because it does naturally fit your theme, doesn't mean it won't work!!!
These are NOT christmas frames, if anything the pack is brights and aimed at summer pages but these neutral colours work well for most pages.
So when you are next making a christmas page, or an Easter page, look farther than those themed kits or stickers, you may be pleasantly surprised!

* I then picked out another frame in the same size, this time it would house my journalling. I chose tone on tone white as the page was bright enough and didn't really need another colour, I also didn't want to do another black frame so this was the best option, plus I just really love it!

* I then repeated embellishment pieces from yesterdays page (which i will show you at the end).
I think they will look lovely in an album on facing pages, or even on their own in separate albums, at least doing this the option is there.

*You are gonna have to excuse my dodgy photo taking for this finished page shot. I didn't quite get square over it to take my pic. I do promise tho that the edge is green all the way around and it is most definitely straight!!!

* and as promised, this is another of my pages from yesterday. I made this when i was really inspired by Cathy Zielske over at big picture classes.

* Cathy said "be happy being you" and this struck a chord with me. when we do things that we like to see on our pages, we end up loving our own work and isn't that what this is all about?!?!?
I am one that likes to push the boundaries, to try new things and new styles and some I'm ok at and some I'm completely horrendous... but when she 'gave me permission' to just do what i liked I was away!

* I don't claim to be the worlds best scrapper, if I was I'd be rich and famous lol... I do LOVE simple pages, with minimal embellishments and beautiful photos, thats what I love and this page is completely me all over. Im glad I got to recreate another today and I hope you like them too!!

Please come back later tonight when i will share with you that amazing project I have been telling you about!!! see you soon xxxx