Sunday, 18 May 2014

tooth fairy

back on track now!

and here with todays LOAd offering, this time including an extra couple of challenges.

* the first comes from 'scrapbooking, for the love of paper' blog and was a tic tac toe type challenge where we had to pick three items in a row to use.
I chose the bottom line which told me to use washi tape, bunting and the colour yellow, i did all three :)

* the second comes from the 'challenge yourself ' blog and is a sketch. please find that here. i did break the rules on this one tho as I didn't realise it had to be a photo of ourselves! whoops!??! maybe the reference to the tooth fairy counts??? (ssssshhhhhhh)

* So this evening I'm starting with my favourite part of the layout, the layered jars!!! YUM!!!
They were printed on the b side of a new studio calico paper, the orange and white star print was on the other side.... I loved them so decided to cut them out singly and stack them as if they were on a shelf.

* the orange enamel dots are there to represent teeth and the smile, well you'll see!!

* The journalling sits nicely above the jars, some tucked slightly behind. I had originally written in a thicker black ink but hated it so I stuck over new blue strips and re wrote in white

* the banner part of the challenge: I did think about leaving this white, but then found the number banner stickers, so with enough spaces to include the date , I did so. The yellow dots show where the stops should be.

* I finished off with a heart cluster over the washi tape. after all who doesn't love heart clusters :)

* At then end of it all, it doesn't exactly match the sketch but you know that it has influenced the decisions.

* the photos on the dark grey mats definitely take centre stage followed by the journalling with the jars to draw the eye in.

Thanks for the challenges ladies, I hope to do more some time soon xxxx