Saturday, 10 May 2014


Its the morning after our first night on retreat and I've finished one that i started late last night:

* This originated from a STUCK sketch you should go visit, it looks like this:

* straight forward and simple, perfect for a late night scrap session, it turned out like this:

* I started with this very cute photo of Elsie dressed up, such a moody little toad :)

* I started by layering some paper scraps onto a red chevron background. 

* I stitched through one of the paper strips and added my title over the top. 

* I added a plain, as it comes, Tando banner piece. I left it plain as I think it matches the front patch of her costume. 

* I then added a black banner made from cut offs after matting the patterned papers. I added white lines to give the banner some definition

* this is the triangle piece that I cut out from the banner piece, I used it as an arrow to point towards the photo and title.

I moved my journalling to suit my page. i didn't think it would fit in the top right hand corner so moved it down, I'm not happy with how it sits against the banner but its something that just had to happen. 

TOP TIP OF THE DAY: don't dwell on bad points! the more you sit and think, the harder it gets to move on. If you decide you aren't so happy with something either take it straight off and change it or just decide that you will live with it. Indecision causes inspiration to cease and thats never a good thing. 

* If you can move on your next pages won't suffer and you will be scraphappy again.

* I knew I had a black dog in my stash which seemed perfect for this layout, he sits lovely looking in at elsie in her photo.

* The final piece.... It feels a bit like a TGI Fridays advert, but I'm quite pleased with it. 

* i might keep posting throughout the day so might see you again very soon xxxx