Monday, 5 May 2014

Life begins

Good evening!

Todays prompt was about when we think, or thought our life would begin so I chose to scrap when my life did begin:

 * I started with this VERY OLD photo (13 years) of my first baby, ickle tiny Daniel! I cropped the picture down so that we didn't have to see the drips in my arms on the bed next to him, or the puke bowls that were on the stand on his other side! Those weren't terribly important in my story lol

* I then took inspiration from Shimelle Laines blog, as although she has just had her first baby, how cute, others are running this and this time there was an inspirational challenge piece about using strips of patterned papers to make a page. so thats where I started.

 * I don't know what made me want to use a journalling card but Idid so i searched through my box and found this one, its perfect!

* I didn't want it that BIG on my page tho so I trimmed it down to fit the spot that i wanted it and I'm in love with how it sits perfectly against the rectangle bow that i made with my sewing machine.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Make products work for you. If you don't like their size, change it you can make it smaller by chopping bits off or you can make them larger by matting with other papers.

* you can also change the colour of products that aren't exactly what you were looking for with inks, sprays or even embossing powder, food for thought eh?!?!?

* to compliment the black on white card I chose a simple black alpha to sit along the top of my box

* To journal or not to journal..... this left me unsure for HOURS!!!!!

* I loved the plain white space that I had created when sewing the box and i love how it looked with the title above and the card below, I was sure that my handwriting in a mass to fill it would make it look disgusting.

* BUT .... A picture and a title like this without an explanation just wasn't working for me either so i went for it.... still think it looked better blank but it wouldn't have the meaning that it does now.

* I finished up by stamping my sons date of birth along the side of the rectangle, I didn't want to write it and it to look messy so i chose some strong , bold stamps so that it balanced up the title and card on the other side.

* I do like how this has ended up, I'm back to my usual simple style but I'm happy enough doing that for now... at least until tomorrow when Im crafting with Carole... who knows what challenges she will throw my way :)