Thursday, 8 May 2014

Whatever Lola wants....

today was about important songs in our lives.... the one I chose isn't particularly important, more annoying if I'm honest, but tis one that everybody sings when they find out Lolas name. It had to be scrapped!

* I started off with this photo, and chose these papers to go with, but once I had cut them and layered them up I wasn't keen on the blueness in the picture so went for a switch.

* I chose this one that focuses much more on just Lola. and she is wearing a yellow top which matches with my colour choice (bonus!!!)

* the floral pattern was sinking in to the background too much so i lightly inked the edges with black

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: To make things stand out and separate from their surroundings you have 2 choices. you can either mat them or just ink them. inking is great for when you want a subtle change!

* as explained above, another way to make things stand out is to mat, so thats what i did with the photo. I chose a hot pink mat and tilted the photo slightly so that it wasn't so straight and boring :)

* I added a few layered embellishments in co iodinating colours to the papers. The banners were from a different range but i still think they work.

* I also often use the branding strip when I have cut them from the bottom of the patterned papers. they always work with the range and usually add something fab to the layout.

* This is the right hand side of the photo. I used the strip almost as a band to hold things under, I often do this when there are a lot of elements that i want to include on the page.

* Heres my journalling on a black pre cut tag. I used my NEW pink neon belly roll pen, and i love it :) hopefully those of you that like to read it can see what it says? apologies for the bad writing, the pen is quite thick lol

* I tucked this behind the other elements on my page and mainly in behind the photo. mainly because I hate my handwriting but think it should be included in the stories, this way I win both ways :)

* I sneaked on another cardstock sticker and added my journalling above the photo. its a bit long so I chose tiny letters in a hot pink to tie in with everything else.

* this is how it finished. I think and hope that it all ties up nicely and leads the eye to the star of the show!!!

thanks for popping in, see you next time xxx