Friday, 16 May 2014

cheeky tom

Sorry I'm a bit later with todays post, but better late than never eh!!!

Todays LOAD prompt was 'the naughty step' a chance to tell stories of when we had not done as we were supposed to, of when we had done something naughty... I chose this funny one of Elsie:

* this is how I intended my page to look when i started, I was trying to follow a sketch but this large red space, to match the tomato colour, just wasn't doing it for me, i kept going tho....

* I had intended to layer this very lovely frame alongside my photos, even that soon changed!!!

* So the story of the frame: I coloured the outer piece black... I hated it, I took forever cutting around the scalloped edges.... I hated that too so i chopped those off... I ended up using the chopped pieces tho as embellishment on the page!

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Re use and recycle! whats not good for one thing might be perfect for another! try it somewhere else or keep if for another project, repurposing, its what us crafters do best!

* eventually the very trimmed frame did get positioned next to my photos, and was the perfect place for my title to live.

* I've included the journalling shot for those of you that like to read can see what it says... I'm so good to you like that

* notice a repetition of those frame cut offs!

* even as a Stampin Up representative I'm not always spot on at it, but this was the only die cut I had in this paper and so it had to stay... it doesn't look too bad when you aren't looking so closely and it fits my theme nicely.

* As you can see the tomato red features throughout the page, being nicely broken up with the lime green. I haven't included the sketch today as it looks absolutely nothing like it and after the large backing piece failed i gave up trying to make it look like it so switched it off.

* I like how the frame cut offs are kind of holding everything together, I think they also give it a playful feel??? I'd love to know what you think.... until next time xxxx