Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The usual suspects +1

Good morning!

Just updating you with my latest layout before getting together with Carole for crafty tuesday.

I used this sketch by Scrap365 blog, take a look!

* I didn't stick exactly to it, but you will see it does have some resemblance.

* I started with pink strips from my scrap bag, i used them as they were bit lazy or ingenious?!?! just wanted to do it that way.

* then once i had stuck my photo on top of them where I wanted it to go, I found some background paper. this was probably my 4th or 5th attempt at finding 'the one' but settled here.

* the title was the next part, this was not the original alphabet that i wanted to use, but it was on the same sheet as what I had in mind and seemed to work. 
(I didn't have the right letters, nor ones that i could bodge!)

* this however is in the alphabet that i wanted to use. and I got to add it to the other side of my photo... +1 is Lola as she should have been at school this day but wasn't allowed due to the sickness rule. (she was fine)

* This was also from the same alphabet sheet and worked perfectly to carry the dark grey into the bottom corner where i had made this embellishment cluster. 

* I added the date so as never to forget! 

* The strips also needed to be in grey, i added my short piece of journalling onto them. 

* the sequins and ink help the page to flow nicely, leading your eye through all of the highlights. 

* The snap shot banner brings in an extra grey element that attracts your attention. 

* the finished page only looks like the sketch a little but you can definitely see its influence. 

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Sketches are open to interpretation, let it take you where you want to go... If you restrict yourself from moving the way you naturally feel like going it will be a disaster, and more than likely you will end up hating it!! BE YOURSELF

I loved this as a quick girly fix to end a very male coloured weekend!!! Do you ever feel like you need to do this?!?!?! or is it just me?!?! lol

Take care, see you again soon xxx