Thursday, 1 May 2014

And so LOAD begins!!

As I pre warned you, May is another LOAD (layout a day) month... And I couldn't wait to get started.....

* So... todays prompt was about the news.... I flicked through my photos using my phone (at 5am) and chose this one of Elsie in the rain. Not big news you might think, but I remembered hearing that it had been the wettest winter in a couple of hundred years so I did some investigating.

* Once I'd found out the facts I was ready to start my layout.

* Having sorted my embellishment bag yesterday I knew I had clouds in there that would be ideal for this page so i pulled those out first.

* I then wanted a journalling card as a platform for my photo to sit on, so i went through my recently sorted PL cards and found this one...... Perfect words, not so perfect colours..... but I went with it anyways! see the funny things LOAD can do already!!

* I decided that the card needed to match everything else in some way... So I matted it with Kraft cardstock. As I was matting it i thought it might look nice as a pocket to hold the photo and maybe some smaller journalling cards inside so i only sealed 3 out of the 4 edges to create this pocket piece.

* The page needed more kraft.... can you ever have too much?!?!?! lol So I went through my stash again to find something else that would work. I came across the empty kraft frame and thought I would use it to house the title that i wanted to use.

* It needed something to lift it from the background patterned paper so i added in a doily but then the pattern was all odd and it wouldn't have looked right with the title straight onto it so i chose to add some more similar, but not identical patterned paper as a base for the title.

* Once I'd done this and stepped away to look for a moment, I decided that the journalling would look much nicer on this freshly prepped spot that covered up in a pocket so i added it in.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: When adding your journalling onto patterned paper that doesn't have lines pre printed on it, add some feint pencil lines to guide your writing. If I don'd mine ends up slanted and awful looking... you can rub the pencil lines out once your ink is dry and no one will know the difference!

* Now that I'd stolen the title area for my journalling i had to rethink my plan. I added dark washi as a shelf for all of the other elements to sit along and popped my title on top.

* at first I'd chosen a dark black alphabet for my lettering but it wasn't right, although i love the alpha, it just didn't work with this page. I changed it for the kraft and blue to bring in the journalling card words a little and i was much happier.

* I dotted around some blue gems to once again pull some more of that colour in. Seeing as its on her bag strap in the photo anyway it seemed the logical colour to choose. This also creates another triangle of interest around the photo, bringing focus back there.

* to finish up, i added that cute little bow and called it a day!

* I have a second idea brewing so maybe i'll see you again a bit later... happy May everyone xxxxxx