Tuesday, 20 May 2014

my best boys

Thanks for coming back to join me again today....I'll crack straight on with it

Todays page was almost completely lifted from this beauty

* it was designed by Jenny Evans and you can find the original here over on the studio calico website.

* I loved how it was traditional girl colours on a boy page, /i was also drawn into the sewn circle with the sequins, very cool!
Heres how mine went:

* Excuse the black and pink behind, i took this whilst it was stacked on top of other papers.. but the black and white chevron stripes and the purple spots are the only patterned papers on my page.

*Usually I hate purple but I thought as Michael had a lilac tie on then I'd better include a nod to it somewhere.

* I started with a cream coloured doily but hated the white/cream clash so opted for the more feminine pink one.

* I made it more masculine with the blue tone on tone tiny types for the title. I then sewed a circle as Jenny did over my title and around my photo.

* I used an arrow in the same colour as my ticket and almost matching my title to make my triangle. I added a couple of hearts as Jenny did.

* I was too scared to sew my sequins on so I sewed first and glued them afterwards.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: there is such a thing as too organised..... I tried to arrange the sequins around the circles but I found that they looked too arranged, so I used the throw and hope technique.

* If you've never tried this you should give it a go, its quite liberating....  you take your sequins in your hand and just throw them in the area that you want them to go. then usually you just stick them down where they fall.

* for this particular page i did the throwing thing, but then pushed them in so that they sat around the circle, i must say i like how they ended up.

* Heres my journalling... to get the drawn lines I used a ruler and pencil to make them straight but then by hand only I drew over the top lightly with my pen.

* this is the end result... I'm quite pleased with it, but I definitely need a new black journaling pen... any recommendations gratefully received xxxxx