Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happy NSD!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!!

I hope today of all days you've managed to do some crafting, it is scrapbook day after all!!!

Ive been a very busy bee today making a project that I will share with you shortly but for now you will have to put up with todays LOAD page.

* To start off I found this sketch on the Kreative Koncepts blog. take a look, see what you think?

* It started like this.... I should have shown you pictures whilst i was getting it to this stage so apologies for that!

* By this point I had stuck strips of washi across the page, as a mask. then i used Mr Huey's neon mini mists again and with a paint brush i randomly painted bits here and there.

* once that was dry I splashed black ink across the page, making sure i had some big blobs too, then i removed the washi tape to leave the blank masked areas.

* I added thinner black washi to the gaps as it looked a bit too bare for my liking.

* a neon title is fun and exciting, just how i want the page to feel.

* The photos are added next. I chose these of my eldest son and youngest daughter playing a game, the theme for today was Board games. I didn't have any pics of us playing those,despite monopoly being one of our faves, so I found these instead.

* I chose to leave them unmounted and to make them wonky, this helps with the playfulness.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: think about straight lines and wonky features when deciding how you want your page to come across.
Harsh straight lines and edges can come across as sensible, or simple. Even the slightest tilt will add movement to your page, instantly giving it a more fun and playful feel.

I added punched black card stock circles to ground the bright loud colours. I chose to edge them in white to add to the happy feeling.

* I decided to use the large circle for my journalling as it seemed the perfect place.

* This is how it ended. It feels a little rushed and not completely finished to me so it may be one that i come back to but for now, its another under my belt!!

hopefully i'll finish my other paper crafting project tonight so that i can show you all tomorrow, I'm very excited and hope you will love it too.