Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sick bowl....

Sounds gross right?!?!?!

Its not that bad i promise, the story I wanted to tell for todays prompt on sickness is about how Lola managed to cheer me up during a dark time after elsie was born. Whilst visiting elsie and I in hospital, she found the sick bowls and not knowing what they were for she began to find all sorts of uses for them:

* I started off by following along with the glitter girl youtube video about splitting your page into thirds, please take a look at that here.

* I started by randomly choosing a paper from my collection, I shut my eyes and flicked through the box and pulled out the turquoise cloud pattern.

* I wanted a contrast to go with so went for pink and spotty as I had intended to do some chicken pox photos.

* I went slightly off video prompt by adding in this circle of pink cardstock. I found it whilst trying to find a mat colour for my pictures but as it was pre cut i thought id see how it looked!

* then i came across this strip of pink and green. its actually the branding strip left on the bottom of a patterned paper that i hadn't trimmed off yet, i think this works really well as a horizon alt line to add things to.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: don't get too hung up on finding the perfect colour match. As you can see here , on this very close up.... none of those pinks are the same, not in the slightest but once you see the whole page those little things don't matter. Embrace your imperfections as I was once told!

* my journalling card to the right was a great title lead, all i needed to do was fill in the blanks to make it work.

* I added black skull and cross bones washi underneath the title work to make it pop out a bit better.

* to the right of the photos i added an embellishment cluster, I chose a bow and sweetheart saying to tie in with what i think of her, especially during this story and the arrow to lead your eye into the pictures.

* I added tonnes of journalling on the leftover cloud paper space. i knew i would have a lot to say so the vastness didn't scare me.

* In the end i changed my mind and didn't use the recent chicken pox photos at all. instead i opted for some older ones from Elsies birth as they had a better story.

* The pinks are different and although you can see that from this distance, it isn't really an issue, to me anyways. I think they all work nicely together.

Thanks for coming by today, I hope to be back later with todays prompt...see you soon xxxx