Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fashion Disaster

I wouldn't normally share 2 in one morning but I quite like this layout and think it deserves its own post.

I HAD to scrap lift Ashley Horton as soon as I found THIS layout on her blog. I feel in love immediately I know you will too!

* todays prompt was about fashion, this photo was winner in the fashion disaster competition so despite its embarrassment I had to use it.

* take a look at those sexy (borrowed) socks with that awful cat dress and Elsie's malfunctioning wardrobe!!! its so bad its funny lol

* I started by splashing colours neon inks all over a blank white 12x12. I knew most would be cover so made sure it went all over

* I worked my way through my patterned scraps taking one random strip from each bag. on the back of that strip i drew some random sized bumps in pencil, then cut them out.

* I lined them up and stuck them over the now dry ink

* I finished with some random bits and pieces over their matching colours.

* i also journalled to explain our horrible fashion photo... it did make me chuckle some more as i wrote it.

I hope this may gel to inspire you today, maybe to use up your scraps, or to do something non perfectly! or maybe just to use those not so great photos!!!

go for it xxxxx