Thursday, 29 May 2014

a couple of quickies!

I don't normally do this but todays pages were so quick and easy that i can probably share both with you in the space of one!

* This one is so very me! It all started with some white paint mixed with water splashes over the page which i'd attached a 6" strip to down the middle.

* once the paint was dry I added the photo and title and then chose some layers to pile under it.

* The journalling was the last addition and what makes this page so lovely!

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: when starting with the top layer you obviously don't want to stick down the photo.
* to do this I stuck the photo using only the tails of the "p's" this was I could add and move papers around underneath until I was happy with how it all looked!

* this second page came from a pinterest pin.

* the original was digital but I think I successfully made it out of paper without too much trouble.

* the hardest part about this page was making sure the strips were long enough (which I didn't think about in the beginning) other than that, after a bit of sewing and a couple of layered elements it was done.

* I added in some extra pieces, such as a separate title feature, which I also sewed through... I even added some detail to the journalling card, by way of arrow stickers and a tab label, it all helps to make this a better page.

.... see you again soon xxxx