Tuesday, 3 June 2014

colour outside the lines

Happy tuesday!!!

Welcome back, i hope you had a nice break from me and a lovely weekend!

So lets get back to business .... the sketch I used today came from a blog that I use quite often, Stuck?!?! I find Laura's sketches so easy to interpret they are an easy go to when I need a boost.... but happened to come across this one by coincidence when Carole sent it to me via pinterest!

* I began my page today with the circle... I drew around my biscuit tin (my plates are square) and hand cut from the blue striped paper... i then stuck this onto the pink cardstock and free hand cut around that.... doesn't look too bad even if i do say so myself!?!? :)

* The chevrons are actually "L's" from the alphabet that i chose to use as part of my title

* The pictures i used today are over a year old and include my baby girl drawing with her friend. The slight angles as used in the sketch, give it a playfulness that doesn't usually happen when everything is on a straight line.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Always look at the direction of your photo subjects....
This is a real bug bear of mine... I have flipped this whole sketch due to my child facing to the right in these pictures..

* If I had kept the sketch as is on the blog then Elsie would be looking away from everything on the page, looking out into nothingness!! when you use the eye line of the people in the photos that helps to guide your eyes or those of the viewer into the page. by flipping this sketch Elsie now looks into the page and onto all of the elements rather than away. You will see this better on the full page, please take a moment to check it out.

* Once I'd placed the title alphabets i had a space left between the photos and the top of the lettering so i filled it with funky arrow shapes which I bought from Tando, they are naked chipboard and are easily coloured to suit any project.  I just went with white!!

* My usual journalling shot for your reading pleasure :)

* See what i mean about the photos? they look to the middle of the page...have you ever noticed that before?!?!?

* the banner is double matted due to the words paper getting a bit lost, I chose a navy patterned denim paper to tie in with Elsie's friends top and to allow the black lettering to work nicely. 

I hope I didn't do too badly on my return to work and that you'll join me again tomorrow for business as usual xxxx