Thursday, 5 June 2014


Good morning followers...

I apologise for not posting yesterday, I simply ran out of time and energy!

That's why I'm posting early for you today... I actually made 2 pages with Carole yesterday but will just share my favourite with you.

* The last piece of the puzzle to be added but my first to share with you, the title.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: always remember there are no rules to scrapbooking. Do things in the order of which you are happy.

* usually I add my title quite near the start of making the page as I know I will always use one but on this page I wasn't even sure I would put one on until right at the end.

* don't feel pressured to do things in a certain way because that's what others do, it's got to work for you.

* I chopped this sub title piece from a 3x4 journaling card as I loved the words. Rounding the corners gives it a completely different look to hard straight corners, try it for yourself :)

* I fell in love with these little hearts as soon as they fell out of the punch.

* I literally took a handful and threw them on the page then went one at a time with my wet glue sticking each where it had landed. I didn't even make sure they were up the right way..... Rebellious!!!!

* this is how it turned out... I love the monochromatic look with this photo.

* I added my journaling around the edges as that seemed the best place for it.

* I hand cut the tags and chose not to add holes, they were slightly wonky but I fixed that by alternating the corners that went together to make them fit and look as if they were perfect, look closely you will see they are not!

Thank for dropping in this morning, I wish you a happy scrappy day xxx