Sunday, 15 June 2014


Good afternoon and if you're a dad, Happy fathers day!!!

Im sorry I've been a bit slack lately at posting on here, you see when the sun comes out I have to make the most of it, it doesn't happen too often here in rainy old England... Every other day works tho right?!?!?!?

* so yesterday I held a 12 hour crop, it was great and I managed 4 pages but heres my favourite one, even if it want to begin with!!!

* Lets start where I normally finish, 2 sections of journalling. I had to do the writing on the kraft pretty much straight away as I needed to get a feel for the page.

* the second piece of journalling on the yellow was a gap filler, the empty space was too big for my liking so i filled it with a few words.

* Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies.... Originally i just used the kraft ones on the page but it looked weird to me, so when I text Carole and showed her a picture and that I wasn't happy, she just text back with.... MORE BUTTERFLIES! so thats what i did

*TOP TIP OF THE DAY: lesson learnt for me, too much of one colour can get too overwhelming, breaking the page up with something else makes it flow a lot nicer and makes it feel less

* Here I added a few yellow butterflies amongst the kraft, then a few brown and finished with 1 single blue one to tie in with Elsie's makeshift hat. I think the layering also helped the page look less boring.

* I've had this title piece in my bag since the end of Feb and only now in June do I get to use it, I took my chance and went for it.

* i tucked it behind as i didn't want it to take centre stage over the photo, i balanced it out with a 2014 piece on the opposite side of the photo, it also acted as another gap filler.

* The finished layout, I loved wing able to use the bright yellow with the kraft.. and I loved finally scrapping this photo of my dirty faced angel!!! Thanks to Carole for setting me this pinterest challenge to begin with!!!! even if it did stress me out, and I'm sure she knew that it would too!!!!

* hopefully be back tomorrow with more pages, but if I'm not, please don't give up on me... every other day at the least xxxxx