Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The scenic route

Good afternoon!!!

Its crafty Tuesday again :) Carole and I have been working away like little bees this morning and have so far created 2 pages.

They both originated from Shimelles blog again, I do love to try and finish what i start and this time I dragged Carole into it with me.

* The first started with a a few pictures of the same event. I chose this set of travel stickers to embellish the layout, as although we weren't on the road they were moving and we were outdoors.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: make things work for you... I've wanted to use this sticker set for a long time and we don't often go on long car journeys or road trips so I was worried I'd never get the opportunity to use them up.

* As I've said before, if it makes sense to you, then go with it, as our pages are for ourselves!!
I chose stickers that would be relevant in this situation and covered up pieces that didn't quite fit the theme but that I liked and worked colour wise.

* this is the second cluster, I really had fun with this one and added weird and wacky pieces!!

* The journalling.....

* The end result: I loved the diamond squares adding extra movement to the page and although we were working from the sketch, i preferred the added horizontal piece which the first lady had on her layout.

* I didn't add a third cluster t this page, which is odd for me but it just felt like it would be too much so I left it as it was. I also didn't add a proper title as there were already a lot of words on the page within the stickers.

* This is the second page..... a little plain in comparison but I used photos that may not have otherwise been scrapped on their own. by grouping images that aren't too special, it allows you to tell the story with a sequence of bits from the same timeframe without having a stand out shot to back it up.

* What do you think of my makeshift letters???? so bad that it makes it quirky and ok???? yeah i thought so too!!!!