Friday, 20 June 2014

fun and games

Good afternoon!!!

Im back after almost a week away from my desk... SHOCK!!!!

I've been a busy bee raising money for cancer research charity, so my absence was in a good cause... Carole managed to join me today for a long overdue scrap and catch up and this is what I came up with:

* lets kick off with my favourite piece of the page, the title.... I love that AND sticker and it went well with the res tot my layout so i had to use it, I made up my title based around that that wrong?!?!?! lol

* A frame collection in the corner of the photo. I cut these from a 12x12 sheet which held loads of different ones, so i chose a few and stacked them up to create a point of interest.

* The usual journalling spot, a bit sideways :)

* A moustache paper clip that has 2 purposes leading to my .....

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: if you make a mistake cover it up!! under this cleverly disguised embellishment is a horrible black pen line where I slipped as I traced the outline of the circle. 
You'd never have known if i'd not have told you and this will work for you too!!!

* How it turned out.....

* a picture stolen from my sons Facebook, of him messing around at school with his friends... I loved being able to print this of him with his mates.

* I also loved being able to place the title over the photo so much, it sometimes helps to trim the picture down but in this instance I wanted to use the dead space by placing my title on it and making it part of the main focus.

Thanks for joining me today, I don't want to keep apologising if i don't get around to making a page for a while so no more promises..... see you when i next create :)