Saturday, 21 June 2014

meet the crazy

Good evening....

Today I HAD to scrap, Shimelle Laine has kicked off a weekend of crafty challenges so obviously i needed to join in.

Heres how the first sketch challenge went:

* Lets start with the title piece, Loud funky colours setting the mood of the page.

* The top banner piece is supposed to be one single piece but I added extra embellishment to it.

* the extra banners are just there to tie in the colours a little more as I didn't want the burst of colour in one spot and this links it nicely without being too much

* I repeated the butterfly on this mini cluster next to the photograph which just brings the two sections together.

* To fill in the corners which were looking a little bare i drew in some doodling lines, the black alone was ok but you couldn't see it as well as I'd like so i put in the white lines and that had an immediate lifting effect.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: when in doubt add a tag!

* The title block was meant to house the journalling but I wanted this piece to be blank so that the whole section wasn't too overpowering over the photo. instead I made the photo mats into a pocket and added a tag for hidden journalling behind.

* this adds more interest to the page as it gives more depth and more to see, and being a tag you can clearly see that it needs to be pulled which is just what you want from hidden journalling that isn't personal.

Thanks for dropping in today, I hope to catch up on more shimelle classes as the weekend passes so watch this space