Wednesday, 4 June 2014

love my boys

I was half expecting to get no crafting done today but shock... I DID!!

Todays inspiration comes from a pinterest pin, you can find it here on this french sketch inspiration blog called Marek.

Wanna see?!?!? :)

*Today I pretty much started with this journalling card, I chose it as it matched the colour of Michaels jumper and I liked the design.

* To make it a bit more personalised i added the explore sticker, which i mounted on to foam pads.

* I layered this card on top of a stamped image that I added to plain white cardstock, using an indigo blu background stamp and some studio calico ink from a dauber.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: When stamping a background , I usually use the second use of the ink. let me explain this better.... I ink the stamp, I stamp it once onto a scrap of paper, this is the first stamped image... then i use the same stamp, without adding ink, to the cardstock that I will use.

* I do this so that the colour is not so prominent and that it actually is a background piece and not forefront of all the other action on the page.

* I added the chipboard men and orange tiny type to the page for detail and in this pictures case, the date of the photograph.

*  the chevrons were already cut from the journalling card, so i chose to use this as a design feature of the page.

* so heres how the finished page looks... looking at it on here tho, I shall probably go back and add a drawn border as it looks a bit bare around the edges! but then ill call it done.

Hopefully you've found some inspiration today and have had time to make something beautiful

Until tomorrow xxxxxx