Thursday, 12 June 2014

what a view!

Hello blog followers, old and new ):

I ran out of time yesterday to post a layout, even though I did do one!!!

but heres one for you for today:

it came from a pinterest sketch, the link doesn't work anymore but it does say that it came from the studio challenges blog.

* Look at this scrumptious paper???!!!!!
All of this yumminess is already printed on the page, just need to add pictures if you wanted to, love it!

* Even tho it had all of those words down the right hand side, I needed something on the let to balance it out a bit, so on top of the embellished heart I added a title that was more suited to the photograph.

* On the heart at the right hand side I added a little cluster, which includes this camera and a couple of banner pieces.

* along the top of the journalling card I added a star and then some drawn lines for extra embellishment.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Doodling is sometimes all you need to embellish a particular spot on your layout. I added three straight lines in 3 different locations around my page just to tie all of the spots together and I think it looks fab.

* My usual journalling shot :)

* The finished layout..... See how the lines create a frame around the central piece?

* I love that it has so many words and yet you still focus on the photograph, maybe I've finally got my mojo back?!?!?

see you tomorrow xxxx