Friday, 6 June 2014

Great times

Welcome back!

I've managed a few layouts today and even got to play with my new toy.... A cricut explorer, it was fun!

I'll share my favourite page for today with you now;

* this card was one of the first bits that I pulled out to accompany my photo for this layout. It's words spoke to me and the colours were perfect!

*well I had to test my new machine didn't i?!?!? I cut these title pieces and hearts from the explorer, it takes some getting used to but I got there in the end.

*i just love this bird button badge, and as it's colours were a math for the page, I could eventually use it.

* this badge may not seem relevant to the onlooker but to me it says that I am hers, and that I am!!!

* my usual journaling shot, in the layout tho it will be hidden

* the final product... I added a drawn frame to ground the design.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: when life gives you lemons make lemonade!!
see that black strip at the bottom??? It wasn't there until maybe 2 hours AFTER I declared the page finished.

* It wasn't until I was stacking my finished layouts that I noticed it was shorter than my other layouts and discovered that somehow I'd lost an inch ?!?

* I added the black strip to make it the same size as normal and now I think it makes the page, I also brought in the pink washi to make it look like I wanted the black there! Clever disguise eh :)
I brought it in a couple of other places so that it too looked purposeful!

I hope you have some lemonade moments today xxxx