Monday, 28 April 2014

Under pressure!

Good morning scrap buddies!

I had a bit of an odd afternoon yesterday resulting in my completion of a page during a lot of distractions... still I gave it my best shot.

My third from the Creative scrappers birthday sketches and this one went live via Kathy's blog.
I thought about the previous one, in order before this but it was too much for my head to cope with on a sunday, with everyone at home!! so i chose this much simpler one.

It seemed to get off to a good start... the photo choice was relatively simple, i chose to scrap a photo of Daniel, my eldest.. as it has been a while since i did, and this is a bit of an awkward photo but one that i like for its artiness!

*the title came quite quickly once i examined the picture closely.

TOP TIP OF THE DAY: if your mind goes blank when it comes to titles, Google is your friend. Type in the theme of your page followed by title, are usually a good one for finding suitable titles!

* I stuck pretty strictly to the sketch for the cluster part, using scalloped circle and stars as my main feature. I cheated and used pre cuts from October afternoon. they came in packs called flower bags and are AWESOME!

* the beach hut paper is one of my favourites, this last piece was cut to this shape in my scrap bag so i just used it as it was. As I've said before, the embellishments / papers don't have to directly run with the theme of your photo as long as it works for you. We weren't at the beach, or anywhere near... but it was summer so this was close enough for me :)

* As in Kathy's sample layout I chose to use the other block for a frame. I added my journalling rather than an extra photo as I didn't have anymore to go with this particular story.

* This was the last piece I needed to complete my page. I'd already added journalling so there was no need for a tag so these layered labels did the job for me.

*this is the end product, note that i added washi instead of paper strips. Plus i didn't do anything straight. this was a choice I made when the pre cut beach hut paper was slightly slanted!

*so it does resemble the proper sketch, JUST!

*this page was created in mayhem.... there was a lost homing pigeon in and out of our house, literally hopping through the door and making itself comfy on my furniture! we had to keep him overnight!... I was discussing business plans with a friend of mind which involved a lot of deep thinking and I had 2 out of 4 children playing and wanting me to play pretend!

Just a normal, crazy sunday afternoon in this house then :) see you soon xxxxx