Sunday, 27 April 2014

Love a bit of LOAD


So I said I'd be back with some fab news so here I am!

On the 1st May LOAD starts again. LOAD stands for layout a day and everyday in May (when you sign up) you get sent an email with a prompt to kick start your motivation for that day.

* Click on the image to take you to Lain's site where you can sign up for this month long roller coaster of emotions and craftiness!

*please join me on my 9th LOAD adventure, if it wasn't so good I wouldn't keep coming back. I'll be posting my everyday layouts as well as sharing them in the exclusive LOAD gallery but I'd love to see your take on them. Everyone is different!

*join the LOAD community and make some friends. I've made a lot of cyber buddies through LOAD and through our layouts over the years we've gotten to know each other very well. You could be part of that, just go take a peek!

only 4 sleeps to go until this kicks off, I'm excited already,last LOAD I completed 52 pages in the month of February! imagine your potential :). Hope to see you there xxxxx