Saturday, 26 April 2014

blog hopper!

Good morning!!!

Have you ever done a blog hop??!!? No??? Me either, and to be brutally honest, I wasn't even sure what one was until yesterday.... thats quite bad to admit in this day and age right?!?!?!?    

Well as you know I love sketches and I've been a follower and fan of creative scrappers blog for many years and it just happened to be their 6th birthday yesterday and wow did they celebrate in style... they released 12 new sketches AT ONCE and did this by creating a blog hop... Im pleased to say that I am no longer a blog hopping virgin!! this makes me so happy.

The first blog it took me too belongs to Amanda and she revealed the first new sketch it looked like this:

I had half an hour between starting this and meeting a friend so I crafted as hard as i could, I didn't quite finish it in time so had to do a little more when I got home but heres how that ended up:

* The Green background paper choice was completely by random.... I closed my eyes and flicked through my paper box then just took one out! scary but true :)

* At first i thought I would cover this hole made when my sewing machine began to not play nice... but as I was putting more things onto the page i realised that it didn't need covering, it needed altering.
I took my black pen and added some zig zag lines to make it look like I did this on purpose!! I love it!

TOP TIP OF THE DAY: happy accidents are REAL! make the most of a bad situation, don't give up when you think its gone wrong. Make it into something else, or add something to make it better!
You may find you love it more than the original plan :)

* my favourite section of the page. I inked a plain wooden butterfly to match the fake tattoo on her arm, added big blobs of pewter glimmer glaze and a title to the side. Im in love with it, I know i shouldn't admit that bout my own work but for once I do!!!

* I gave the same black ink treatment to some basic wooden arrows and surrounded those with glimmer glaze also. they all point towards my favourite part and lead you're eye through the photo.

* so this is it completed.. quite like the original sketch for me, the only thing I moved really was the title.and I left out the chevrons, I love how it looks and I'm so happy that I finally scrapped this photo that I love so much.

see you all again tomorrow, where i might do the second sketch from blog hop.... or will I?!?!?.
have a fab Saturday xxxx