Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spot the difference?!?

Good afternoon!

Welcome back, I hope you've been able to have some scrappy fun since the last time you were here, I certainly have!

Today I caught up with my crafty partner in crime Carole, we meet up weekly, when we can, via skype for a scrapping DAY.

When we meet we choose a lift or a sketch between us and we both work on it at the same time. It's a great way to get pages done and having a friend to help, and to talk to about it is always a bonus, we certainly love it!

Anyway what I wanted to share with you today is a little note about how nothing in scrapbooking is wrong as everyone sees things in their own way, art is about interpretation and that certainly works for our art too.

If you click HERE this will take you to the blog of the Virginia,who got us started today. This is her layout which caught our eye in the Pinterest gallery, you can find my Pinterest selections HERE.

* Pinterest is a fabulous place for inspiration of any kind. If you haven't got it already please take a look but be warned it's addictive

We loved this page because of the love it shows, the hearts are awesome and she used colours and stacked embellishments that attracted me.

Here's Carole's page:

*notice how Carole's differs from the original slightly. This is OK!

*everyones style is different. Carole hates the colour yellow with a passion so was never going to use that on her page but she has made the page her own, by adding her own colours and embellishments.

*when following a sketch or a scrap lift you should remember that you are not this person, you may not have all the tools or products that the other person has, so allow your page to be different.

*Carole knew that she was not going to fit her embellishment block on the left where the other lady has it, so instead she shifted it over and it looks perfect!

*I love Carole's choice of photo, and I am particularly drawn to the splash of green that Carole has added, it really lifts the whole page.

*HERE is Carole's blog, please pay her a visit and let her know who sent you :)

Now for mine:

*notice how crazily different it is, to the scrap lift and to Carole's. This is fine and I am happy. To me scrap lift and sketches are just a point of inspiration.

* It ended up like this due to the fact that I originally made 3 hearts the same size, then I noticed that hers were not and that threw me.
I cut one smaller to fit inside of the others and still wasn't happy so I took the whole thing apart and started again.

* TOP TIP FOR TODAY: use your scraps!
The orange heart outline was the waste that I trimmed off to make one of my hearts smaller, it's not perfect in the slightest but it works and it will have otherwise gone in the bin!

* you are allowed to add your own touches. The 4 hearts weren't enough for me along the border so I added circles and stars until I was happy.

* the last thing i would encourage you to do today is this: when it feels like a layout isn't coming together, persevere!
It can be the tiniest thing that pulls a page from not keen to amazing. Add your title, some embellishments and see what happens to your page.