Tuesday, 29 April 2014

hexagon crazy!!!

Good Afternoon!!!

A little later with my blog post today, but I AM HERE!

So as its tuesday i crafted with Carole.Carole chose one that I'd managed to avoid for quite a while.... since February at least... but today she decided we were gonna do it, i was scared!

I love this layout, straight from the Crate paper blog  but the thought of cutting all of those hexagons (I'm useless with a pair of scissors) and then lining them up... was very daunting.

* Heres the sheet of paper that they come from.... I cant imagine using it as a whole sheet so i guess this was the best option.

*As you can see i didnt choose which ones I would use I just cut them in rows to make the most of the paper for when i might want to use it in the future.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: When a patterned paper looks to scary to use, break it down into smeller sections. use the pattern to create new designs .

* this paper would also have looked nice as border strips.

* I chose a separate sheet for the border edge of the page, it also came from the Crate paper collection so i knew the colours would match.

* the white seemed a bit harsh for my page so I chose to change that for a kraft piece, kraft seems to go with EVERYTHING!

* I waited until all of this was done before i chose a photograph that would suit the page. Not my usual way of working but this page was different.

* I used a larger photo so i knew that I wouldn't have a frame to match. instead I used the space to my advantage and filled it with the minimal journalling that i needed.

* I used die cuts to fill the frame, these layered together made up my title.

* If you do a page like this, please remember to line up your hexagons all the way down the side.
It allows your hexagons to be straight and pattern to look as if you have filled the spaces behind the photograph. which obviously you don't.

* I added a similar section to theirs but using another hexagon and layered labels.

* I also used my sewing machine to stitch a few of the hexagons in place, it adds texture and looks pretty :)

* this is my finished page. Very similar to the original and i didn't explode whilst making it!

* I actually like how it turned out which is a lesson to me, and should be heard by you, try something new before dismissing it, you may surprise yourself xxxxxxx