Thursday, 3 July 2014

'Allo 'Allo

Good morning....

So not difficult to guess todays subject based on the title I bet?!?! :)

Crafty Tuesday has changed to crafty thursday this week, so Carole and I chose this pin to work on first...

* So kicking off with the title section, I had to check with Carole to see if i was spelling this right, as obviously Hello, is with an E but when i think of this saying its always an A..... guess it can be either and is left open to debate!!

* I exchanged the too feminine doily for a circular sticker , its not as big but it does add a little to the page to balance things out.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: ink the edges..... when things just look a little too plain, ink up the edges for a completely new look. It doesn't have to be messy or too grungy but it does lift the layers and separate them from each other.

* The journalling section. This time I've added strips to the side of the photo to tell my story.

* I could have attempted to journal straight onto the vellum but with the finish that this product has it will more than likely have rubbed straight off.... something to be careful of when you try it.

* The bottom cluster..... Again I switched to a different round sticker to replace the doily.

* I debated for ages about adding the june 2014 embellishment to it.... Eventually I did choose to add it in as its not too often that I get to use the date stickers. I'm never usually scrapping things that are completely current so to be able to get that out of my collection and onto a page was great.

* I loved being able to use my SU stamp sets on this page... I used the same ink twice again to get a faded look.

* Please excuse the sun shining onto my page during taking the picture.

* I added large tilts to the papers and the stamping as I just wanted it to be a bit more fun. and i didn't want the hassle of making sure everything was perfect.... we are aiming for a 3 page day don't you know!!!!!

See you soon xxxxx