Saturday, 5 July 2014

Adventure time

Good morning!!!

Just a quicky from me this morning, i want to share with you a layout that i started on Thursday and have just finished off with a little sewing this morning.

* So i'll start by showing you this small cluster of information in the corner of the photo. This is plain and simple and tells you everything without too much detail.

* TOP TIP OF THE DAY: sometimes the simplest of things say everything.
* Journalling is excellent, I will always promote expressions of feelings and giving knowledge, but as well as that, if your reader doesn't have the time to spend reading all of the writing, they can skim over and get a good idea of things from little prompts like these word embellishments.

* there wasn't a big story to go with this photo so just a small amount of journalling to say who, what, where, when, why and how :)

* As you can see I used an ink dauber to smoosh behind the photo to add some mess and extra accent to the layout. I like to create mess on a page as long as its not too messy. these daubers are a great way to control where you are making the mess.

* I stamped an extra sentiment on top in an attempt to balance the page.

* An extra title block.... this actually went on AFTER the 'going places' piece in the earlier photo.

* I felt as if I had started the design of the page too low down the paper so needed something to pull it all back up and to make myself feel better. This extra title works well and adds extra interest as well as serving the purpose for which it was created.

* The layout when I had finally finished with it.

* it really does have stitching on 3 sides, again to try and stop the details from sinking off the bottom of the layout. and I'm sorry that the bad photo doesn't show it too well.

* I think its obvious that i had fun playing with my stamps today, I often forget, when making layouts, that i have other colour inks than black.... Im a Stampin Up demonstrator so you'd think I'd remember but i don't.
So here I snuck in an extra couple of colours to lift it a little, I didn't want this being an unhappy page, we were all having a great day!

I hope you like this layout... I actually do quite like it, and the drawn banner piece the most i think as its something new to me.

I also hope that you get to be creative this weekend, especially as our English summer seems to have disappeared... make the most of the wet weather and make something beautiful today xxx